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What is Constantin (Constantinato);

The story of this particular piece of jewelry began when St. Helen found the Holy Cross and ordered it to be cut. The sacred sawdust was mixed with precious metals, resulting in the first Constantin (konstantinato).

    The Constantinata pendants are concave coins that have as their main representation the Holy Cross between Constantine the Great and his mother Saint Helen.

     The history of Constantinata pendants dates to the beginning of Byzantium and is the gift that is preferred to this day.

     According to tradition, Constantinata pendants is a valuable and powerful amulet. According to Greek tradition, the occupation of Constantinata pendants during the revolution of 1821 is considered an amulet for the "bad shot". In the Mani area until today they are considered valuable family heirlooms and many times, they are attributed to them miraculous properties. Pregnant women also brought Constantinata pendants both to protect the fetus and to facilitate childbirth. Even Constantinata pendants is used in children as amulets against evil-eye.

     Constantinata pendants, is usually offered by grandparents or godparents. It can be offered with a baby nappy pins to be placed in the baby's crib or in his clothes or with a chain to be worn later as a pendant.

     While the traditional Constantinato pendant, has the form of a Byzantine coin, its more modern variants may have a different shape depending on the sex of the baby. Squares, for example, are preferred for boys, while for girls, zircon-decorated ones are preferred.

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